Speculative Design • Jogos

We are living in a world where being an average person is not considered an appealing self. And people’s desire to acquiring multiple skills is exponentially rising as a result. To master multiple skills, many people are harming themselves with sleep deprivation and illegal steroid/drug usage. With this concern in mind, me and my group imagined a high-efficiency world of year 2050, where wearables manipulate people’s motor skills. Below shows speculative world where the wearable system we created, Jogoz, already gain popularity among society and now infiltrating into various industries. Jogoz wearable system reads people's intention through retina scan and delivers the information to the wearable to operate.To make our idea more believable, we created Jogoz company website and TV commercials that will be shown in 2050.

Jogoz technology makes the average joe, into a pro.

With Jogoz technology, making a shot like Kobe Bryant could be as easy as putting on a pair of gloves. Anyone can acquire super motor skills just by putting on a programmed wearable system: Jogoz.

Jogoz consist of 6 different wearable parts according to the different motor skills the human body requires. Each wearable part is designed to be programmed depending on the user’s past experience, goal, ability, and age. The wearables are unisex and the sizing is that of typical human measurements current to the year.


Jogoz was originally created to help improve motor skills of the disabled. Jogoz was founded and created by Reeve Tobs, a scientist, who became a paraplegic after a traumatic car accident back in 2012. Tobs knew he needed to create a device that could not only help himself but also people all around the world. Beginning in 2045, Jogoz were an absolute necessity and invaluable creation to the disabled community. However, Reeves got thinking, and asked “can there be more?” Reflecting upon this question he decided the answer was yes, and now his challenge was to figure out how to standardize and sell these wearables. With help from the Jogoz design team, Tobs got his products to permeate the government and society. Allowing everyone now to be the best. Societal efficient levels have never been higher! Once a member of society turns 17 they are made to study for a whole year about JOGOZ under a strict government regulated curriculum. Once they turn 18 they are administered a diagnostic test that will be inserted into the programming of their personal wearables. Allowing them to connect to their body and mind. This legendary product has made a culture imbued with fervor and confidence for life.


We, at JOGOZ, are proud to announce our new feat: after years of creation, use, and know our acceptance as a household name, JOGOZ has decided to partner with three industries: fashion, athletic, and military. Here at JOGOZ we believe in progress for progress’s sake. With this new campaign we plan to improve efficiency in all levels and parts of society.



Team Members: Emily Hacker, Oshie Merski, Suzanne Choi